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Range & Oven Repair San Leandro

When a major cooking appliance starts giving you trouble, it can ruin your dinner plans fast. Don’t waste money on take-out, or worse, turn to microwave dinners! Instead, call Kerenza Appliance for range and oven repair San Leandro can count on.

Our team of experts will take care of your problem in no time! We service the entire San Francisco Bay Area, so give us a call if you need help with your range, stove, oven, cooktop, or ventilation hood!

Whether it’s a simple fix or a more complicated repair, our San Leandro oven repair and range service technicians can get your appliance back in working order quickly. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online.

Expert Range and Oven Repair

We Service All Cooking Appliances

We know how important your cooking appliances are to your life and daily routine.  That’s why our professional repairmen work on all models and configurations from leading brands. So don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’re here to help keep your kitchen appliances in tip-top shape including:


Common Problems We Fix

A wide variety of problems can arise when it comes to ranges and ovens. For example, you might have an oven not heating up properly, or perhaps your favorite gas range burner won’t light? No matter the problem you’re faced with, you’ve come to the right place for oven and range repair in San Leandro! Some common issues we service include:

Cooking Appliance Brands We Service

Looking for a repair company that works on your range or oven brand? Don’t worry, we can assist you! We’re familiar with all brands of ovens and ranges, so you can be certain that your kitchen appliance will be taken care of right.

For quality range or oven repair San Leandro can trust for your model, give Kerenza Appliance Repair a call, or schedule service online. We’ll have your appliance back in working order fast no matter the brand!

factory authorized service

additional brands we service

Frequently Asked Questions

More Information On Range & Oven Repair Service

In most cases, repair is the more affordable option vs replacement both in the short and long term. Ovens and stoves are typically less expensive to repair than other appliances. We recommend repair when the cost of service is under half the cost of buying a brand new model. 

Due to the dangers of electricity, gas, and fire, we cannot recommend working on your own cooking appliance when it breaks. If you have experience working on major home appliances, some minor repairs like replacing electric heating elements or gas igniters may be doable. Just remember to unplug the unit from the wall before performing any work, and turn of the gas supply for a gas oven or range.

You can expect to get anywhere between one to two decades of use out of a new range or oven. On average, gas ovens last about 15 years, and electric models slightly less at about 13 years. These numbers can vary though depending on how well (or poorly) you maintain your oven. 

If your oven’s fan has failed, DO NOT continue using it and contact an oven repair company like Kerenza Appliance Repair. Witout proper internal airflow, the oven will quickly overheat leading to a potentially dangerous situation in your kitchen.

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