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Dryer Repair San Leandro

Is your clothes dryer acting up? Don’t go another day without the convenience of drying your laundry the easy way. Let Kerenza Appliance provide you with dryer repair San Leandro can count on to save the day!

We provide fast, affordable service for all dryer makes, models, and malfunctions. No matter if you have an Bosch dryer not drying clothes or your LG dryer makes loud noises, our technicians are here to help.

So don’t let your dirty laundry pile up, and call Kerenza for dryer repair in San Leandro, Richmond, Berkeley, Oakland, and throughout the San Francisco Bay area!

Clothes Dryer Repair for all models

We Work On All Dryer Types

We can take care of any dryer problem, no matter the make or model. Do you have a gas dryer leaving clothes damp, or an electric dryer not spinning properly? Don’t spend another day putting up with a clothes dryer that isn’t operating at its best–let us take a look and get it running smoothly again.


Common Dryer Issues We Take Care of

Dryers can experience a wide variety of problems and malfunctions. For example, they may not start, they may not heat up, or they may not tumble. Each problem has a different solution. Our team of professionals performs repair services on every problem you can imagine, including:

Dryer Brands We Service

Are you in need of a dependable San Leandro dryer repair company? If so, we can help. We specialize in repairs for all makes and models of dryers and most common and high-end brands. No matter the problem, big or small, our team of experts can take care of it.

Call the top-rated dryer repair team at Kerenza today and let us help you get your dryer back in working order. You can also schedule service online here!

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Common Dryer Questions

Learn More About Clothes Dryer Repair

The cost-effectiveness of repairing a broken dryer depends on it’s age and what the problem is. That being said, clothes dryers are one of the most affordable appliances to fix. If the cost of a new unit is more than double the cost of fixing your dryer, we recommend choosing the repair option.

If you have experience repairing appliances, some dryer repairs and maintenance procedures can be done DIY. For example, a dryer that takes too long to dry clothes may have a clogged exhaust vent that you can clean out yourself to speed things up. Any malfunction or repair that involves electronic components or gas for gas dryers should always be handled by a professional due to safety concerns. 

When you purchase a brand new clothes dryer, you can expect to get an average of 7-12 years of use from it before replacement. This can vary a lot though depending on how of then you use it, the size of your household, and most importantly, how well you take care of it. Keeping your dryer clean and free of excess lint and debris can help it last a lot longer!

If your dryer is squeaking or squealing during a cycle, the first thing to check is the load size. Adding too many items to a single load puts undue stress on the machine which can lead to squeaks and more serious malfunctions over time. It’s also possible that the dryer drum bearing or motor are defective. These repairs needs to be done by a professional technician. 

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