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La Cornue Repair

Factory Authorized service in San Leandro, Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, and more

Do you need professional La Cornue range repair in the Bay Area? Look no further than Kerenza Appliance Repair! Our team is factory authorized to provide La Cornue repair services for all range and oven models.

With years of experience working with La Cornue products, our technicians are capable of handling any repair job, from a range that won’t light up to an oven that isn’t heating, we’ve fixed it before. And we use only authentic parts from the manufacturer, so you can trust us to take the best care of your appliances.

La Cornue Range Repair

Cooktop and Vent Hood Repair

We know how important your range is to your kitchen and that’s why we’re here to help when you need it most! Our skilled technicians are trained to repair all models and styles of ranges, whether they’re gas or electric.

At Kerenza Appliance Repair, we treat your La Cornue vent hood repair and stove repair as if we were repairing our own. Trust us to provide the quality service your La Cornue repair deserves for issues like:

La Cornue Oven Repair

We Service All Oven Models

We take pride in completing each and every La Cornue cooktop repair and oven repair with precision and efficiency. Our team of experienced technicians is trained to handle any repair that comes their way, no matter the size or difficulty. Whether you need routine maintenance or a more in-depth repair, we are here to help with issues like:

Common La Cornue Repair Issues

Schedule a service appointment with us, and you can trust that your La Cornue repair is in good hands. No matter the issue, whether it’s a La Cornue oven not heating up or a La Cornue range burner not lighting, our technicians will diagnose and repair it efficiently and effectively. We’re here to restore the heart of your kitchen and get you back to cooking.

Call us to get your appointment for La Cornue range repair service scheduled today. Let us show you what best-in-class repair service looks like.

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La Cornue Oven Won't Turn on

When a La Cornue oven refuses to turn on, it can be a frustrating experience. But don’t worry, there are a few steps you can take to resolve the issue:

Burned Out Broil Element:

The broil element is responsible for heating the upper part of the oven, and a damaged or burned out element can stop the oven from heating properly.

Failed Safety Valve

The safety valve is a critical component that regulates the flow of gas to the oven and a failed safety valve can stop the oven from turning on.

Defective Oven Control Board

The control board is responsible for controlling the various functions of the oven and a defective control board can stop the oven from turning on and cause many other issues as well.

Failed Temperature Control Thermostat

The temperature control thermostat is responsible for monitoring and regulating the temperature inside the oven, and a failed thermostat can stop the oven from starting.

La Cornue Burner Won't Light

A La Cornue burner that won’t light can be a frustrating experience, but the good news is that it is usually a relatively simple issue to resolve. There are a few common reasons why a burner may not light, including:

Defective Spark Module

The spark module is responsible for providing the spark that ignites the gas, and a defective spark module can stop the burner from sparking and the gas will not be ignited.

Defective Spark Ignition Switch

The spark ignition switch is responsible for triggering the spark module to ignite the gas, and a defective spark ignition switch can stop the burner from lighting.

Defective Spark Ignition Harness

The spark ignition harness connects the switch that triggers the spark to the rest of the system, and if it’s damaged or not functioning properly, the burner won’t receive the necessary spark to ignite.


Defective/Worn Out Spark Electrode

The spark electrode is another part involved in providing the spark that ignites the gas in the burner, and if it’s damaged the burner won’t spark.

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