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KitchenAid Appliance Repair

Serving the Bay Area including San Leandro, Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, and more with KitchenAid Repair Service

At Kerenza, we pride ourselves on being the best in the business when it comes to KitchenAid appliance repairs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians ensures that every job, big or small, is handled with the utmost precision and care.

We are committed to providing reliable, efficient, and affordable services that keep your KitchenAid appliances running optimally. Our customers’ positive feedback and loyalty have earned us the top-rated position in the area.

KitchenAid Refrigerators

French door, side-by-side, Top/Bottom Freezer

If your refrigerator, the keystone appliance of your kitchen, needs attention, our KitchenAid refrigerator repair team is on standby.

Utilizing our wealth of knowledge, we are capable of diagnosing and rectifying an array of issues, whether they’re as simple as minor temperature fluctuations or as complex as system malfunctions. No repair job is too insignificant or too challenging for us.

KitchenAid Ranges & Ovens

Gas, electric, and Convection models

Here at Kerenza, we set the bar high with our top-tier KitchenAid range repair and KitchenAid oven repair services. Experiencing uneven heating in your oven or a temperature malfunction in your range?

Our knowledgeable team is armed with the right tools and expertise to troubleshoot and resolve these issues, ensuring your culinary journey remains uninterrupted.

KitchenAid Cooktops

Gas, electric, and Induction Models

We know that a faulty cooktop can throw your cooking schedule off track. That’s why our KitchenAid cooktop repair services aim to promptly reignite the joy of cooking for you.

With our skilled professionals on the job, they can swiftly diagnose and correct any issues, guaranteeing your cooktop delivers uniform heat and operates seamlessly.

KitchenAid Dishwashers

A dishwasher that’s not cleaning dishes can be a major inconvenience. Our KitchenAid dishwasher repair team specializes in quickly diagnosing and repairing the issues that prevent your dishwasher from doing its job, giving you back your valuable time.

Common KitchenAid Appliance Repair Issues

At Kerenza, we empathize with the aggravation you experience when your KitchenAid refrigerator just isn’t cooling, or your oven stubbornly refuses to heat evenly. Rest assured, our skilled KitchenAid appliance repair team is more than capable of resolving these, and all other common KitchenAid appliance issues. We’re committed to getting your kitchen back to running smoothly.

KitchenAid Appliance Repair

KitchenAid Refrigerator Making Excessive Noise

We believe a refrigerator should be heard but not loud, akin to a soft hum. If your KitchenAid refrigerator is creating excessive noise, several reasons might be behind it:

Faulty Fan Motor

our refrigerator uses fans to circulate air and maintain an optimal temperature. A faulty or aging fan motor can produce loud and unusual noises, signifying it may need replacement or repair.

Malfunctioning Defrost Timer

This device controls the defrost cycle in your fridge. If malfunctioning, it can result in your fridge producing unusual sounds, and could cause issues with temperature regulation.

Failing Compressor

The compressor, akin to the refrigerator’s heart, can become noisy with age. While some hums and clicks are normal, a significant increase in noise can indicate compressor issues.

Blocked or Damaged Evaporator Fan

It’s located in the freezer compartment and circulates cold air. If this fan hits ice or other obstructions, it can cause noise, impacting your fridge’s ability to cool efficiently.

KitchenAid Oven Stopped Heating

Your KitchenAid range plays a vital role in your culinary adventures. If it’s not heating, here’s what could be happening:

Broken Heating Element

Your oven has two heating elements – one for baking (bottom) and another for broiling (top). If either of these elements is broken or burnt out, it won’t glow red or produce heat, indicating a need for replacement.

Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat controls the oven’s temperature. If it’s faulty, it might fail to detect and regulate the oven’s heat accurately, leading to issues with heating.

Gas Supply Issues

For gas ovens, an issue with the gas supply, like a closed gas valve or a leak in the gas line, could prevent the oven from heating.

Malfunctioning Control Board

The control board orchestrates the various functions of the oven. A faulty control board can disrupt the heating process, among other issues.

KitchendAid Cooktop Heating Unevenly

Uneven heating can disrupt your cooking process. If your KitchenAid cooktop isn’t heating uniformly, here are potential explanations:

Damaged Cooktop 

A cracked or damaged ceramic glass top can not only present a safety hazard but also interfere with the effective transfer of heat from the burner to the cookware. This could lead to uneven heating and consequently, inconsistently cooked food.

Malfunctioning Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor in a cooktop plays a pivotal role in heat regulation. It continuously monitors and maintains the heat generated by the heating elements at the set level.

Faulty Heating Elements 

The heating elements in a cooktop are responsible for converting electricity into heat, which is then transferred to your cookware. This could result in hot and cold spots, leading to inconsistent cooking results.

Power Supply Issues

Uneven heating can also be a symptom of an underlying electrical problem. Issues like voltage fluctuations, short circuits, or faulty wiring can lead to irregular power supply, causing the burners to heat unevenly.

KitchenAid Dishwasher Not Cleaning Dishes

If you’re finding that your KitchenAid dishwasher isn’t effectively cleaning your dishes, there could be a variety of underlying reasons.

Blocked or Defective Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve controls the amount of water that enters the dishwasher. If this valve becomes blocked or is defective, it can restrict the water flow, leading to inadequate cleaning as there won’t be enough water to thoroughly wash the dishes.

Obstructed Spray Arms

The spray arms in your dishwasher distribute water to clean your dishes. If they become obstructed by food particles or other debris, they won’t be able to distribute water evenly or forcefully.

Dirty Filter

The filter in a dishwasher prevents food particles from re-entering the wash and being redistributed on the dishes. If this filter isn’t cleaned regularly, it can reduce the effectiveness of the dishwasher.

Malfunctioning Wash Impeller

This component, found in the pump assembly, pushes water through the spray arms. If it’s damaged or broken, it won’t provide the necessary pressure to distribute water evenly.

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